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The Drugging of America

As some of the comments on my quotes page note, we are a nation obsessed with treating symptoms instead of causes. "Who asked you?" you may ask, to which I reply, "You clicked the link, buddy!" Think about it... Wouldn't it be easier to prevent cancer instead of treating it? We appear to have decided to answer "NO" with our poor eating habits and rush to make a quick buck. I formerly did cancer research, and yes, I agree we should treat people afflicted, but conventional medicine is not the answer. I believe we should put more effort into prevention and decrease the number of people who get cancer, instead of sitting idly by as the statistics increase.

A more insidious attack is underway in the area of "mental health". Can you believe that in the 21st century, people are still being given shock treatments?! Yes, supposedly well-intentioned "doctors" pass electricity through people's brains to "cure" mental illness, when these same "doctors" cannot even define what the mind is. (I say "supposedly" because these people are well compensated for their efforts, and the statistics for success are just about zero percent- look them up. I put "doctors" in quotes because I believe that health professionals should adhere to the Hippocratic Oath, and I wouldn't say a zero percent success rate does so.)

The latest efforts in this area attack our youth. (No one thinks twice about giving children Ritalin or similar drugs... imaging saying to someone 50 years ago "your child isn't doing well in school, so we're going to give him speed for the rest of his life... Is that really an answer? Author William Peter Blatty and filmmaker William Friedkin made fun of this point in the classic "The Exorcist" when a doctor suggested Ritalin as a treatment for little Regan's symptoms.) Is it REALLY easier to give a kid a pill than to get him to stop drinking soda and eating sugar? Is it possible his classes are simply BORING?

(On a related note, have you ever considered why McDonald's and other such places have play rooms as big as the restaurant?...could it be to get kids to think this is a great place to go, so that when they grow up, they never question whether what they're eating there is actually FOOD? Might it be a similar tactic to that employed by the cigarette industry (not that I'm absolving fools who smoke from ALL the responsibility of THEIR OWN actions) whereby they never say smoking is bad, just that kids shouldn't do it (so by implication, it's an adult thing, and therefore, enticing to kids!)?

Now, these "experts" in the multi-billion-dollar mental "health" field want YOU to pay for the (barbaric, horrid, evil, insert other adjective here) "treatment" of others. There have been bills before the Senate which would place this type of symptom-chasing on par, insurance-wise, with other forms of truly medical treatment. I am a firm believer than Western medicine is far superior to all others in treating CRITICAL injuries like broken bones. (Once the bone is set, non-Western options should be explored.) Do you want your tax dollars to foot the bill for procedures which simply do not work (and often do more harm than good)?

A far more in depth treatise of this subject has been written by noted nutritionist Dr. Gary Null. I have reprinted his article in its entirety, and you may go to his website to learn more.