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From a voiceover reel client:
Just wanted to let you know that, due to your fantastic demo, I just signed with **********. Thank you for all your help!
- Jill

From a Broadway producer and resident arts workshop director:
To Students of the Performing Arts:
Dr. Kolack has been the Director of Staff for my Beginnings Workshop, as well as one of my finest instructors, for many years. He is a brilliant administrator, communicator, instructor, and performer, unanimously adored not only by his students, but by his peers. I can think of nobody in my forty years in this industry I have enjoyed working with more.
Peter Sklar
Ed.M. Harvard University
Director, Beginnings Workshop
Producer, The Kid Who Played the Palace

From a film director:
I have been working with Kevin for several years and I am pleased every single time and on every single project. He's a great guy who gets the job done and is extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend working with him in whatever capacity you are thinking of. He's much more valuable than any film teacher or 'film guru' because he's got experience, and that's what counts. You rock Kevin!
Joseph McConnell

From an online coaching student:
I honestly can't thank you enough. Your help during the last month of this semester has helped moved me from a marginal C-/C to a solid B in what amounts to three sessions each lasting roughly the length of a single class period. There is no chance I'll pull that B to an A with the final, my test scores earlier in the semester have made that impossible. However, if I get 93% or higher, I'm looking at a *strong* B+.
Moving from a C- to a B+ in less than a month means a lot to my GPA, but much more than that, for the first time all semester I feel confident with the material. Even through the constraining medium of a chat window, you've illuminated concepts left hazy after hours of private, face-to-face conversation with my professor and various tutors at my college. You have the gift of clarity.
Thank you for sharing that gift with me. Seriously.
- Zeke

From an editing client:
Kevin was super easy to work with, being both accommodating to my requests and creative about additional ideas. As an actor, he has insight into what works and what doesn't, and as a technician and teacher, he knows how to bring out the best in another's work. He's both laid back and professional, and I'm very pleased with the final product - a reel I've used again and again!
- Mikki B.

From an editing client:
I always enjoy working with Kevin. He has edited two 1-minute reels for me, pulling footage from the pile of VHS, DVD and online source material I gave him. He is positive, upbeat, and got the job done quickly. My reels are now on YouTube and bringing me work. Thank you, Kevin!
- Bettina S.

From an online coaching student:
This is the second time that Kevin has been absolutely instrumental in helping me wrap my head around what we're doing in class conceptually before a big exam. The first time he helped me get the best grade I've had in class all semester. I'm feeling confident that when I go into class tomorrow AM, I'll have the understanding I need to approach each problem. He has been an invaluable resource to me. If you have trouble with certain aspects of class learning like I do, but are willing to put in the work, Kevin is capable of illuminating what you're missing and helping you *understand* the why's and how's. He's done this for me as respectfully and clearly as the best professors I've ever had. Thanks again. Highly, highly recommended.

From an in-person coaching agency:
[your student] spoke very highly of you and stated that you are the best teacher he ever had. Good work!
Will Craig
Educational Director
Partners with Parents, Custom Tutoring & Educational Consulting

From an online coaching student:
Helped me know the subject material backwards and forwards without just giving away the answer. Highly recommended.
- Trish