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2009 Kevin Kolack calendar- photo credit to Tony Gale


It was another eventful year... so action-packed that I haven’t been able to get this sucker posted until April 2010! I had some great auditions, great jobs, great meals, great vacations and staycations, and great fun with my great family. The movie count was 176 (50 or so in the theater, many on DVD, quite a few on Netflix instant, and 3 as heckled by the Raspberry Brothers), and the auditions numbered 82 with about a dozen bookings. And, I might as well get it out of the way now- you’re not going to believe it- the time-suck, money-vortex of a court case dragged on for another entire year with the criminals and their slimy attorney still getting away with all sorts of crap before an indifferent court system. The book is going to be amazing. And the screenplay. And the one man show.

We kicked off January with a few flurries, followed by some real snow when I was performing with my good friend Jami Simon in the Poconos for 2 days. At one of the oldest regional theaters in the country, they gave us full run of their prop/costume rooms, so I got to try out several cool hats for this multi-character show. Our tradition of winter Fry-days (deep fried dinners at home!) continued with O.D. McConnell, Merryl Reichbach, Rob Chapnick, and Christine Caruso present on various weeks. There was a mixture of rain and slush throughout the month as tutoring and Cooper Union classes began for the year, Rob and I put together his web site, my stage brother Allie Mulholland and I had dinner before a meeting of our Larry Moss class graduates, California Pizza Kitchen and the movies with Carol Arnold, and Diane and I had great meals at B. Smith’s (no relation to my mother’s side of the family!), at Tony Gale’s, and at chez Robin Selfridge and Carmen DeVito.

We took a quick 5-day trip to FL to see Mom and Ron in February. We broke bread with the Campbells, Christine & George, Merryl, Meredith & Ned, watched the Oscars at Christine & George’s (we got rid of our cable TV), and went to Ally Campbell’s birthday party. I continued as a board member of the Sunnyside CSA which Diane founded. Queso Blanco was very happy that we got a new (used) couch and carpeting in the living room- she’s not so good with wood floors, Rob and I went to Peter Sklar’s to enjoy a fine cigar, and I did the insanely challenging workout program known as Crossfit for the first time.

We got a bunch more snow in March when I booked a Visa radio commercial. We saw Caroline Rhea perform at Comix, I caught Rob’s girlfriend Lauren Possee’s one-woman show, frydays continued with Christine & George and Kara McIlhenney, and Rob and I dared to take on “the bomb with everything” at the Sandwich King of Astoria.

Crossfit, court, Cooper Union, tutoring, Sandwich King, Frydays, Moss group class, flurries, stogies at Peter Sklar’s, and trips to the Campbell’s continued in April. I got to share meals with Lindsay Teed and Rick Flynn, Cooper Union faculty Ruben Savizky, Andrea Newmark, and Daniel Lepek after a tour of the new building (lots of flash over substance), as well as Tracy Edwards. I recorded Khybon’s voice for the Chaotic video game, and taught a class at one of Peter’s mini-beginnings workshops.

May brought- more Sandwich King with Rob! (Little did I know that I’d be going bread-free and unable to have it a few months later...) We held a fundraiser for Marc Crawford Leavitt’s run for Queens Borough President at our place (Diane served as his campaign Treasurer and compliance officer). I partied with Izzy Torres on his retirement from Cooper, coached a few actors on voiceover technique and helped them with their web sites, Queso had her teeth cleaned, Erin McReynolds was in town and crashed at our place, we had a surprise party for George, Diane went to Omega for a few days, we had a nice cookout at Tony’s, and Peter, Rob, and I met Rocky Patel at a cigar event in Westchester.

The CSA started up again in June, a mere 6 weeks after the end of the winter share. We met up with Mom & Ron at Bear Mountain as they drove their RV up and down the east coast. I edited a few actors’ reels, taught at the big beginnings workshop again, shot my part of the feature film “The Camera’s Eye,” and we birthday partied with Leigh van Swall. I helped Rob move from Long Island to Astoria into a nice apartment with Lauren, and sadly, “The Professor K Show” was not accepted into the NY TV Festival. On the bright side, my sitcom pilot script “Hey, Professor!” was a finalist in the SoCal Independent Film Festival!

In July, we had a nice picnic on Roosevelt Island with food from Atomic Wings, I hit the roof of the Ravel with Peter and Rob and Chelsea Moore, we saw the Raspberry Brothers version of “Pretty in Pink” with Merryl, Gabe Klavun & Claire Aniela Arthurs, and caught John Oliver at Comix. We hosted a make-your-own pizza party with Merryl and Kara, watched a lot of Dexter, Robin and I saw Ratt and Extreme in concert (we wore major 80’s hair wigs- no one gave us a second glance), I met up with my old friend Valerie David (we did a movie together in 2000 or so!), and I made a quick trek to Boston to retrieve the car and share a meal with my brother Justin and my nephew Dzian.

August brought Robin’s annual grapefest, I recorded some voices for an exhibit at the NY Historical Society, I manned a table for the CSA at the Sunnyside Street Fair, and we took a quick trip to Delaware. I shot a video with the Tasteless Choice gang, taught at Beginnings again, and missed a callback and an audition thanks to court (but had several other good callbacks, plus a booking to voice the lead character “Toby” in the animated feature film “Animals United”). Justin and Dzian and Vykki Vox were in town, so we met up with them as well as cousin Jeremy Smith who was momentarily between boat captaining jobs. (As of April 2010, he'd joined the crew of the Maltese Falcon.) I went to a nice lecture by the author of “Your Money or Your Life,” and also met up with Uncle Ray and Andi Smith, Grandma, and Ellie Wolhandler for lunch when they came through town.

Diane and Christine catered George’s cousin Luke’s art opening in September. We managed to get up to a cohousing meeting as well as up to Juniper Woods, and there was a party for Marc’s primary (which he unfortunately did not win- politics!). We went to the Queens County Fair with Andrea Patton, and our schedules finally aligned so that my old movie buddy Mandy Droste and I were able to go see a flick. Peter also had a party, we visited the Campbells several times, and Diane had an orientation for the program at CUNY she ended up starting in January 2010.

Party month brought several parties at our house, a one-day music video and a weekend pilot shoot with Steve Dude Herold, lots of Cooper and tutoring, plus I started studying with Penny Templeton, and Jennifer Watkins came for a visit on her way back from the Peace Corps in Africa. We sent the month out with a shindig at the View on the 44th floor of the Marriott in Times Square.

Kevin Kolack, Joseph Reitman, Sharon Freedman, and Bryan Nieder in Superheroes on 3!

I recorded the voice for a new Yu-Gi-Oh video game in November, and we went to the Big Apple Circus which was a lot of fun. Coincidentally, Bello the Clown and I have the same acting coach! We spent Thanksgiving in CT at Christine’s sister’s house, I began coaching Aja Kayser who became my personal trainer, and I shot the bulk of my Nickelback parody video (New York street scenes, green screen, Ralph the Puppet and the Falsettos family, 50 actors!) that took me more than 6 months to finally finish.

As the year wound down, we got an early first snow on the 5th of December, the day after we saw fellow USAA member Rob Riggle perform. I taped more Chaotic, and Linda Burson directed me in a staged reading at the Pan Asian Rep. Our neighbors hosted a wonderful party of our building’s compost group at their place (we are one of the few apartment complexes in NYC to compost), I started to work on Ruth Williams Hennessy’s very intricate DVD project, and in between XMas in Boston at Justin’s new complex (I hope to be able to get to Boston more often in 2010 to help him renovate the massive house, barn and church he bought!) and leaving for FL on New Year’s Eve, I taped a commercial for Starz. Also right before the year ended, I was hired to teach 2 classes at Yeshiva University and tutor for Olympiad Academia, which is good, because Diane worked her last day at the law office before she starts back at school full time in January in a program of her own design in Sustainable Food Studies.

Kevin at Red Lobster on 12/30/09 after taping the Starz promo

Peace, love and even more fun in the new year,

Queso Blanco Kolack wishes you a happy new year