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Happy holidays!!!

I rang in the new year with a few friends at my place in NYC, and then immediately jumped in to the 305 auditions I’ve had to date this year, and the 205 movies I’ve seen so far....and what a crappy year of movies to see so many!

January was busy with a nice, weeklong trip home to Indiana (where I got to see tons of friends), followed by an immediate trip to Boston to visit Justin and Mom. I also started teaching another class at the Cooper Union, and took an intensive acting workshop with Eric Morris, who was in town from LA.

On February 1, I drove a NYC taxi for the first time....that is just way too much work for way too little money, and I stopped doing it after a few months of a day or two each week. I did get to meet some interesting folks, and have a few good stories to tell. Amidst the snow, acting classes continued, and I was in one short film.

In March, I did a couple of voiceover jobs, was in a couple more short films, and booked a major role in an independent feature-length film.....we’re still not finished shooting it, as the director keeps running out of money, but the script is good, and what we’ve shot so far is REALLY funny. Late in the month, Mom and I met in Indiana to fix up another house on Crescent road and get it rented out.

April brought in an unusually late but intense snow storm in the city, along with 2 meetings with voiceover agents at the infamous ICM talent agency.....no great news to report there, but I’m still working on them! I booked another two short films, one for which I provide the voice and puppetry for the lead character that has since gone on to win the Sick Puppy Film Festival in San Rafael, CA and has also been accepted at the Tromadance Film Festival in Park City, down the street at the same time as the Sundance Film Festival. The even bigger news is that in May, I provided the voices for 3 characters in Bill Plypton’s new cartoon which has been accepted to Sundance! Also in April, I started doing some part time work for the US Census.....if every federal agency is run that way, this country is in BIG trouble.....you’d think it was the first time they’d ever counted people........

In May, I helped train a new puppeteer for Granpa Cratchet, for whom I worked 2 summers ago, and for whom I did a fill-in show in Moundsville, WV in August. On May 31, my life in NYC changed completely when, after 18 months of waiting, I finally got to the top of the “8-month” waiting list and got my very own parking spot at the co-op. You have no idea.....

In June, I attended the Beginnings acting workshop as head chaperone again- the temperature in the mountains of NY went into the 30’s each night and we nearly froze to death, but had a great time nonetheless.

July hosted a trip to SC for a location shoot on the feature, plus a “Freaks and Geeks” marathon at my place.....I love that cancelled show..... I also taped the voice of a prototype next-generation Furby that was to be released next year. Two days ago, I got some bad news when I was told the toy had been cancelled. Fear not, as I will keep bugging the folks at Tiger Toys to put me into another one....

I really wasn’t around in August, due to the Granpa show in Wv (got to see lots of friends in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois on my travels), followed by more shooting on the feature, followed by another acting workshop (only slightly warmer and a lot wetter.....bleh....but still a blast!). September was busy with several voiceover jobs, teaching two classes at Cooper, and the start of a monthly play reading series.

In October, I made a quick trip to Indiana for what will probably be the last Inorganic Chemistry picnic, as the administration of IU has decided to commit suicide by decimating the department. My advisor is one of the approximately 15 professors to leave the “intolerable working environment” in the time since I first moved to Bloomington, and the effects on the university may prove devastating. If, like me, you'd like to have the immediate resignation of President Brand and the trustees who hired him, please write the newspapers (as I have) and visit www.takebackiu.com

November and December have been somewhat less hectic. I’m writing a film script and scripts for two TV shows. I had a nice Thanksgiving with my Aunt/Uncle/cousins in NJ, and just visited there again for their annual latke party. I took part in a sketch comedy show that was a HUGE success and have begun taping episodes of another sketch comedy show which airs on cable TV in NYC. Mom, who I haven’t seen in forever, is on her way to NY for the holidays.

For next year, I’m planning on being with one of those big talent agencies, making lots of cool films, getting my scripts sold and shot, and taking trips to FL, IN, OH, IL, and CA.

Peace and love this holiday season and all year,