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Kevin has worked on:
ONN, Onion News Network

White Collar, Matt Bomer, USA Network

Louie, Louis CK, FX Network

The Professor K Show, pilot

Law & Order: SVU, NBC, L&O

One Life to Live, ABC

Little Indiana Jones

Guiding Light, CBS

Kirby, Tokkori, FOX, 4Kids

Animated Century, cartoon, Bravo

4Kids Entertainment

the Tyra Banks show


Clifford the Big Red Dog


the original Fuzzy Poster, RoseArt

Disney Goldenbooks


MidCo Connections

The New York Historical Society

Colgate, Palmolive

Odor Eaters, Stamp

Pokemon Center, Rockefeller Center

The New Adventures of Speed Racer, Speed Racer Lives, Nicktoons

Sunglass Hut

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TMNT action figures

Chaotic, FOX


Encore network

Guess Who

Kirby, FOX

Limbo, Thomas Ikimi

Mutant Aliens, Bill Plympton

One Piece, FOX

Stride gum

Kevin's work has been on:






Discovery Channel



History Channel



Click for a printable version (pdf, one page, selected credits) of Kevin's resume.
Kevin's imdb page

Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blond/Brown
Eyes: Green


  • Teddy Cleland (lead), "Blue Ruin", director J. Saulnier
    **Theatrical, DVD and online release April 25, 2014, RADiUS/TWC
    **Winner, FIPRESCI Prize, 2013 Cannes Film Festival (world premiere)
    **Winner, Halekulani Golden Orchid Award for Best Narrative Film, 2013 Hawaii International Film Festival
    **Winner, Jury Prize, 2013 Marrakech International Film Festival
    **Winner, Best Narrative Feature, 2013 Virginia Film Festival
    **Official Selection, 2014 Sundance Film Festival (Spotlight series- multiple screenings)
    **Official Selection, 2013 Toronto Film Festival (N. American premiere)
    **Official Selection, 2013 Fantastic Fest (Austin, TX, US premiere)
    **Official Selection, 2013 Hamptons Film Festival (E. Coast premiere)
    **Official Selection, 2013 Locarno Film Festival
    **Official Selection, 2013 Deauville American Film Festival
    **Official Selection, 2013 Melbourne International Film Fest
    **Official Selection, 2013 New Zealand International Film Festival
    **Official Selection, 2013 Cucalorus (NC) Film Festival
    **Official Selection, 2013 AFI Fest
    **Official Selection, 2013 Philadelphia Film Festival
    **Official Selection, 2013 Chicago International Film Festival
  • George Washington (lead), "Twentysomething", director A. Siegel
    **Official Selection, 2014 Sundance Film Festival (Sundance House, presented by HP)
  • Army Bob (lead), "Kung Fu and Titties", director J. McConnell
  • Jacques Belloq (lead), "Little Indiana Jones", director A. Hankoff
  • Rupert (VO), "The Camera's Eye", director W. Shear
  • Narrator (VO), "The Life and Times of the Star Children", director J. McConnell
  • Randall (principal), "Don't Cry Until I'm Dead", director J. McConnell
  • Adam (lead), "The Rose", director I. Chernikina
  • Sage, Ralph the Puppet (principals), "24 Hour Feature", director J. McConnell
  • Gregory (principal), "One Below Even", director J. Mohler
    **Watch the film at the imdb (which owns WithoutABox, all owned by Amazon)
  • Todd (principal), "Jumping Up and Down", director O.D. McConnell
    **Buy it at Amazon or Half.com
  • John (principal), "Digitz", director C. Arboleda
  • Ping (looping, lead), "Impy's Island" (English release), director R. Kloos and H. Tappe. (H. Schnitzler, English)
    ****Watch the preview at the imdb
    **Film Market- 2006 Cannes Film Festival
    **Germany release August 3, 2006
    **Spain release March 23, 2007
    **Tribeca Film Festival May 4, 2007
    **Turkey release May 11, 2007
    **Greece release January 21, 2008
    **Poland release February 8, 2008
    **France release May 7, 2008
    **South Korea release June 26, 2008
    **Italy release June 27, 2008
    **USA DVD release November 11, 2008
  • Gunther (looping), "Siegfried" (English release), director S. Unterwaldt, Jr. (H. Schnitzler, English)
    **Official Selection- 2006 Berlin Film Festival
  • Love (lead), "Love", director P. di Fiore
  • Max Duvallier (supporting), "Limbo", director T. Ikimi
    **Rent it from NetFlix
    **Film Market- 2005 Cannes Film Festival
    **Official Selection- World Premiere- 2005 Taormina Film Festival
  • Doc (lead), "Cool Air", director J. McConney
  • Doc (supporting), "A Camp Story", director A. Kollbeck
  • Rusty (lead), "Watchmen", director J. Geiger
  • Bill Revelle (supporting), "Northern Lights", director K. Hackel
  • Gordon Elephant (lead), "Elephant in Love", director E. Hellman
  • Crutch, all 10 vocals on theme song, and Speedy the Speedball (puppeteer & voice), "Bum Runners", director S. Herold
    **WINNER- Best Comedy Short Film- 2003 Back East Picture Show, Hoboken, NJ
    **Official Selection- 2002 Indianapolis Underground Film Festival
  • Preacher & Boris (voices), "Mutant Aliens", director B. Plympton
    **Buy it at Amazon or Half.com
    **Official Selection- 2001 Sundance Film Festival competition
    **Official Selection- 2001 Boston Underground Film Festival, Boston, MA
    **Official Selection- 2001 New York Underground Film Festival, New York, NY
    **Official Selection- 2001 South by Southwest
    **Official Selection- 2001 Maryland Film Festival
    **Official Selection- 2001 Athens (Greece) International Film Festival
    **Official Selection- 2001 Calgary Film Festival
  • H.R. (lead) (puppeteer & voice), "H.R. Pukenshette", director S. Herold
    **See the 6 previews for the yet-to-be-made feature on YouTube
    **Rent it on NetFlix
    **Buy it at Amazon or Half.com
    **Official Selection- 2001 York Independent Film Festival, York, England
    **Official Selection- 2001 Hotel Carlton Salon Croisette screening, Cannes, France

    **Special behind-the-scenes videos on the set of H.R.:
    Kevin's views on slime, puppets, and movies (1.4M mpeg)
    deleted scene of H.R. smoking (784K mpeg)
  • Will (lead), "The Flea Circus", director A. Fallstead
  • Frank (lead), "Session", director E. Lopez
  • Kevin (supporting), "Portrait of the Artist", director A. Oren
  • Steven (lead), "Painkiller", director M. Boulger
  • Tom Murphy (principal), "The Telemarketer", director E. Stickels
  • Kevin, Ralph (puppeteer & voice), "Puppets & Hollywood" (documentary), director A. Fallstead
  • Ken (lead), "Bridges and Tunnels", director J. Lipp
    **Official Selection- 2002 NY Independent Film and Video Festival
  • The Questioner (principal), "Get the Hell Out of Heaven", director R. Smithline
    **Official Selection- 2002 Back East Film Show, Hoboken, NJ
    **Official Selection- 2002 Long Island Independent Film and Video Festival
  • Sy Mason, PI and The Junkie (puppeteer and voices), "The Ringing Phone", director W. Haren
  • Dayton Riley (principal), "False Start", director C. Minn
  • Kevin (supporting), "Jane: Portrait of a Serial Stalker", director C. Lake
  • Agent Lawless (principal), "Heaven Ain't Hard to Find", director R. Hodges
  • Joe (lead), "One Right Thing", director S. Yasukawa
  • Squid (principal), "I Found Love in Brattleboro", director B. Hicklin
  • Chinese Tai Chi Master & Telephone Operator (voices), "Cause for Alarm", director M. Reiter
  • Sergei Gulnekoff & narrator (principal), "Hands!", director P. Vergara
    **Official Selection- 2002 Chile Intl. Film Fest.
  • Vernon (lead), "Being Watched", director D. Leuchter
  • Patrick (principal), "Turn", director L. Regalado
    WATCH THE (silent) FILM!!
  • Jimmy (supporting), "The Inner Circle", director R. Gould
  • Father (lead), "Preferred Customer", director A. Kaufman
  • Rapping Hitler (principal), "Mime Kampf", director A. Samberg
  • Frank (principal), "Love Potion 666", director L. Mastrantoni
  • Glen (principal), "Riff Raff and Friends", director D. Reid


  • Medic (day player), "White Collar" USA ("Company Men"), director R. Rodriguez
  • Denny's Employee (principal), "Denny's Industrial", directorD. Olney (Tallboy Films)
  • EMT 1, EMT B (u5), "One Life to Live" ABC ("10658, 10680, 10722"), directors D. Faraldo, Z. Fuentes, M. Ryan
  • Mr. L. (principal), "Pigeon n' Me" ("pilot"), director S. Herold
  • Sidekick (u5), "Superheroes on 3!" ("pilot"), director B. Neider
  • Harry Cohen (u5), "Guiding Light" CBS ("15456"), director M. Lagle
  • Professor K (lead), "The Professor K Show" (pilot), director I. Chernikina
  • Surprised Man (u5), "Living in Captivity" (pilot), director T. Faulkner
  • EMT Butler (principal), "Law & Order:SVU" NBC ("Paternity"), director K. Woods
  • Choogle (lead), "Chunks & Choogle" (pilot), directors R. Neuwirth, J. Dilworth
  • Paramedic (principal), "Law & Order:SVU" NBC ("Informed", "Clock"), director P. Leto, J. Hayman
  • Khybon, others (voices), "Chaotic" FOX, director D. Dunstan
  • Clubgoer, "American Life" Discovery Channel (Asia), director P. Wu
  • Bradley Mouton (voice), "Speed Racer Lives" NickToons, director A. Unger
  • Gap Dad, "Gap Kids" Onion News Network, director S. Dikkers
  • Agent Burroughs, Teflon (lead), "The Scene", director M. Reichgut
  • Big Baby Billy (lead), "Big Baby Billy Show", director P. Landry
  • Tokkori (voice), "Kirby" FOX, director M. Haigney
  • Pepper, others (voices), "One Piece" FOX, director C. Collet
  • Professor Edward Arlington Elderberry (host) (voice), "The Animated Century" Bravo, director A. Snyder (Rembrandt Films)
  • Dr. O. Sullivan, Man on a Gurney guy, meteorologist Jim Bumble, others, "Shameless" MNN, director D. Manstream (Shameless Productions)
  • Mr. T, Geek, "Open Call" VH1, director W. Thompson (Eyeboogie, Inc.)
  • WWI FIghter Ace, "A Day in the Life: WWI Fighter Ace" The History Channel, director S. Levy (Termite Art Productions)
  • Neo, all others (puppetry and voices), "Neoed.com", director J. Han (NeoEd, Inc.)
  • Saggy, Tawny, Monkeys 1-3, etc. (voices), "Goldenbooks (Barnyard, Jungle, Ocean)", director C. Fox (Goldenbooks)
  • Johnny the Host (voice), "Talk Show Circus" (pilot), director M. Lee (Whole Nine Productions)
  • Angry Man in the Airport, "Madigan Men" (pilot) ABC, director J. Burrows (ATG-Touchstone)
  • Firefighter, "Third Watch" (episode 12) NBC, director C. Chulack (Wells-Warner Brothers)
  • Regis (voice), "Who Wants to be a Tiffany & Co. Millionaire", director P. Giacobi (Tiffanys)
  • Martin, Smidley, etc. (voices), "The Thug" (pilot), director K.A. Morris (HotPotato Media)
  • Contributor, "The NOW Channel" (pilot), director T. Burns (TWI Media)
  • Host (OC & VO), "Look What's Cooking", L. Rolek (Loews Theaters)
  • Ambulance Driver, "Tornado Safety", F. Livingston (WTIU)


  • Narrator, POX News Correspondent, "News to Amuse" (Pan Asian Rep.), director L. Burson
  • Danny, Captain of State Troopers, "Johnny on a Spot" (Pecadillo Theater Co., Theater at St. Clemens), director D. Wackerman
  • various, "Two for the Show" (Shawnee Playhouse), director J. Simon
  • Jumbo, "Jumbo" (York Theater (Off-Broadway)), director J. Binder
  • Rebo, Newton, Waiter, "Role With It" (Pantheon Theater), director S. Welch
  • The Fire Chief, "The Bald Soprano" (Flatiron Playhouse), director E. Bodo
  • Bob, "Beyond Therapy" (The Actor's Loft), director M. Maes
  • Bob Monroe, "The Kid Who Played the Palace" (pre-Broadway workshop; world premier staged reading at the Emmelin Theater), director W. Martin
  • various, "LICAP NewPlays Reading Series 2000" (Theater et. al.), director K. Rollo
  • Dean, "Last Call" (TSI Theater), director G. Federbush
  • Ray Bini, "Carnivale" (Abingdon Theater), director C. Moore


  • The Granpa Cratchet Show (puppeteer and voices of multiple (all) characters), director S. Bowman
  • The Fire Safety Magic Show, director S. Luker


  • Member, Laugh Your Hasselhoff sketch comedy troupe (Stand Up NY), writer Janet Roach, director Rob Milazzo
  • Member, I'm okay, but you keep screwing me up! sketch comedy troupe (Theater 22), writer/director Bob Kiber
             By popular demand, the lyrics of two of the sketch tunes.
  • Carolines (Showcase), Stand Up NY, Comic Strip Live, Gotham Comedy Club, Don't Tell Mama, etc.



  • Weevil Underwood (voice), "Yu-Gi-Oh! Grand Battle" (2009 console video game), director D. Dunstan
  • Sword (voice), "Pirates of the Carribean 3: Jack Sparrow's Sensor Sword and Magic Ring", director H. Polise (Zizzle)
  • Pepper, others (voices), "One Piece: Grand Battle" (video game), director C. Collet (Bandai)
  • Furby (voice), "Furby 2001" (prototype), director S. Schneider (Tiger Toys)



  • Kolack's "Pornstar" (parody of Nickelback's "Rockstar"), as writer, director, editor, puppeteer, singer
  • Ralph the Puppet's "Always a Puppet" (parody of Billy Joel's "Always a Woman"), as writer, director, editor, puppeteer, singer
    **Official selection, 2008 and 2011 Sunnyside Film Festival
  • "Starstrukk" (unofficial video), 3Oh! 3 feat. Katy Perry, as actor
  • "Four Kicks", Kings of Leon, as actor


Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Indiana University (great acting training...ask why!)

Derrell Capes, Robert Castle, Roger Hendricks Simon, Rochelle Oliver (Uta Hagen), Boris Leskin (Stanislavski), Maggie Maes (Eric Morris), Norman Marshall, Eric Morris, Larry Moss, Mark Weston (Lee Strasberg)

Gene Saks, Brad Bellamy, Terianne Falcone, Katha Feffer, Robert Galinsky, Stephen Rosenfield, Joe Schwartz, Robin Selfridge

Commercial Technique:
Breanna Benjamin, Bryan Brooks, David Cady, Dan Flannery, Susan Levine, Julie Walder-Johnson

Directors' Workshops:
Melissa Brown (Joe Paradise, SVA), Ryan Lakenan (Lenore DeKoven, Columbia), Gary Winick (InDigEnt)

Joseph Daly

Film and Television Technique:
Peter Kaiser, Michael Raymond

Personal Coaching:
Boris Leskin, Maggie Maes, Peter Sklar

Singing & Voice:
George Axiltree, Ruth Williams Hennessy

Ear Prompter:
Pat Murphy Stark

Dan Duckworth, Pamela Lewis
Samples of my "voices"


Green Screen
Master Firefighter
(can drive/operate fire engine)

Chemistry Professor
Movie Theater Manager
Motorcycle Rider
Downhill Skiing
Whitewater Rafting
Raquet Sports
Beginner Level Piano
Eastern Religions
Rifle Marksman & Instructor
Adapt to Accents Easily
Cartoon Voices
Indoor Skydiving
Camp Counselor
Swimming Instructor
FCC Licensed Disc Jockey
NYC Taxi License
Ear Prompter
Firefighter Instructor
Emergency Medical Technician
English and Western Horseback Riding
Rappelling and Rock Climbing
Beginner Juggler(3)
Amateur Fire Eater
Basic Understanding of Spanish
Home and Automobile Repair
Beginner Level Aikido
Beginner level bagpipes
Compound and Recurve Archery
Water Skiing
Weight Lifting
SCUBA diver (PADI cert.)
Trumpet Player
Tibetan and Sanskrit
Experienced with Handgun
Helicopter Pilot license

Kevin in 2000

for other pictures, please visit the photo gallery
Click for a printable version (one page, selected credits) of Kevin's resume
in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf).